Localzz Media is on a digital start-up journey…

Localzz Media is on a digital start-up journey to create digital information destinations, directory destinations, and marketplace destinations like nothing else thought of or seen before. Localzz is currently bootstrapped, lean, and diversified.

It’s all about Localzz (locals)! Localzz Media is still hammering out the digital information ecosystem by branding, design, structure, and categories.   

Localzz Media could be the umbrella and flag ship for local categories, life categories, lifestyle categories, life interest categories, and life stage categories.

Localzz would then have these similar branded niche directory and marketplace division media sub-divisions:

Apartmentzz.com – ApartmentzzMedia.com

Businessezz.com – BusinessezzMedia.com

Careerzz.com – CareerzzMedia.com

Couponzz.com – CouponzzMedia.com

Deliveryzz.com – DeliveryzzMedia.com

Dinnerzz.com – DinnerzzMedia.com

Happeningzz.com – HappeningzzMedia.com

HomeRepairzz.com – HomeRepairzzMedia.com

Incentivezz.com – IncentivezzMedia.com

JobListingzz.com – JobListingzzMedia.com

Legalzz.com – LegalzzMedia.com

Lunchzz.com – LunchzzMedia.com

Pricezz.com – PricezzMedia.com

Productzz.com – ProductzzMedia.com

Ratingzz.com – RatingzzMedia.com

Rentalzz.com – RetnalzzMedia.com

Repairzz.com – MarketplacezzMedia.com

Restaurantzz.com – RestaurantzzMedia.com

Savingzz.com – SavingzzMedia.com

Servicezz.com – ServicezzMedia.com

Shopperzz.com – MarketplacezzMedia.com

Specialzz.com – SpecialzzMedia.com

Storefrontzz.com – StorefrontzzMedia.com

Vacationzz.com – VacationzzMedia.com

Vehiclezz.com – VehiclezzMedia.com

Visitorzz.com – VisitorzzMedia.com

Weeklyzz.com – WeeklyzzMedia.com

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