Localzz Labs

Localzz Labs will be designing, planning, building, and networking the the Localzz Media network and a digital information ecosystem.

Localzz.com and LocalzzMedia.com

Localzz Labs will be working on the 1500+ owned and operated digital brands, digital properties, digital assets, domains, and more.

The future is bright for Localzz Media.

Local Information Marketplaces by Localzz… #LocalInformationMarketplaces LocalInformationMarketplaces.com – Localzz® + Servicezz™ + Listingzz™ + Postingzz™ = Localzz® Media Localzz® Media is also working on Listingzz™ (Listingzz.com) and Postingzz™ (Postingzz.com) an owned and operated information (InformationPaaS.com), advertising (AdvertisingPaaS.com), and listings (ListingsPaaS.com) Platform-as-a Service. A portal that provides a centralized location for managing listings and postings on various Localzz Media network owned digital destinations, directories, and marketplaces. Maybe – ListingsPaaS.com Also planning InformationSaaS.com and AdvertisingSaaS.com . Information Software-as-a-Service and Advertising Software-as-a-Service.